Car rental prices

                            &Nbsp;                   car rental prices listed in the price list below with the seasons change

Type Pick up Their prices (including fuel drivers) In Hainan Province Monthly price
Car name Sitting position Rainbow machine Pu Ji Basic rental fee Basic mileage Basic time Miles ahead Over time Not including toll fee Excluding fuel drivers
Porto 300052202804501008330 2.5 RMB/km5500
Passat 2.053003506001008330 3 Yuan/km8000
Passat 1.8T53003506001008330 3 Yuan/km9000
Lingyu 1.8T53504507001008440 3 Yuan/km9500
Regal 2.553504506501008440 4 Yuan/km9500
Lacrosse 2.453504507501008440 3 Yuan/km10000
Audi A61.8T55006008501008550 4 Yuan/km16000
Audi A62.055506509001008550 4.5 Yuan/km17800
Audi A6L2.457009009601008580 6 Yuan/km22000
Buick GL873504505001008440 4 Yuan/km11500
Buick firstland74005507001008440 4 Yuan/km12000
Gold Cup112503505501008330 3 Yuan/km6500
Popular112503505501008330 3 Yuan/km6500
Wind112503506501008330 3 Yuan/km7500
Mercedes-Benz MB100123504507001008540 4 Yuan/km11800
Iveco174005008001008440 3 Yuan/km Negotiable
Transit174005008001008460 3.5 Yuan/km Negotiable
Coaster2280095010001008680 5 Yuan/km Negotiable
Golden Dragon227008508001008580 Negotiable Negotiable
Golden Dragon3380012009001008580 Negotiable Negotiable
Golden Dragon4510001400120010086100 Negotiable Negotiable
Golden Dragon5311001500130010086100 Negotiable Negotiable

Wedding hire price list
Car name Colour Color Mileage Time Price Over 1 km Over 1 hour
Three rows of Cadillac/Lincoln Black/White 9.55052800/290020200
Four rows of Cadillac/Lincoln Black/White 90%505350030300
Mercedes-Benz 600 (new) Black 90%505260020200
Mercedes-Benz S320 (new) Black 90%505220015150
BMW 7-series White 90%505260020200
BMW 5-series White 8.5505178015150
Audi A6 Black 90%5059601050
Regal Black505650550