Four problems restricting the development of car rental

In fact, as early as a decade ago, car rental the industry known as the sunrise. Car and with head and rule blocking restrictions, parking prices, high oil prices, car rental had become the focus of a series of factors. Behind the development, there are four problems hindered the development of the car rental industry, impact on business car rental is very large.
, premium without law
car rental experiences knows, some car rental companies rent, to pay extra fee: such as illegal deposit, extra, extra mileage charges, charges for car damages, additional charge without law.
Second, lowering the threshold is bad
previous approval and registration management access to the industry elite, ordinary companies in more joined in, the industry varies greatly. The "51", "11" such a long holiday, many rental car companies will not use, and emergency response for private cars into a number of leasing companies, the consequences of doing for leasing companies, customers, and private car owners are hidden.
three, walking to make driver money refers to
car rental cars delivered in the agreed time the tenant use, charge a leasing fee, does not offer driver services and operational activities. Car rental and car rental is only one letter short, but in legal nature has made all the difference: car rental is a lease of property, from the industry on the property should be included in the car rental industry category and chauffeur car hire is essentially a labor dispatch service and passenger business, nature of walking itself. In fact, in the area of rental, customer requirements with driver is a common phenomenon.
four, after being lied to rent cars to recover
from the State-owned car rental day, lie to rent is the industry's biggest scourge. In Europe, car rental industry is the result of decades of development and individual credit guarantee system to support mature, while in China, although the car rental industry has nearly 20 years of history, but is an emerging industry, often lying to lease cars difficult to recover.