Note the 5 car rental travel must have the heart of preparedness

Now more and more people enjoy the pursuit of spiritual, self-driving tour has become one of the indispensable conditions. Self drive tour of the romantic car owners can enjoy not only, did not own a car to enjoy the romantic, many people choose to rent a car to travel. However, in relation to persons reminds us that rental cars to travel there must be preparedness of the heart, must pay attention to the following aspects:
1, car broke down to contact rental firms, do not repair, or car rental company will hold you for breach of contract.
2, while the leasing companies are buying a full coverage, in case of vehicle damage, rental car companies may also require the lessee to pay car 20% about amount of damage. In addition, if there are scratches, be sure to look for traffic police to qualitative, produce the relevant proof, in order to get the insurance companies should have paid.
3, to be booked in advance. If you have a plan, that will start early, don't wait until the last, everything is ready but not rent cars that will be the most disappointed, so it's best to book half a month or one week in advance.
4, to select a larger rental companies, at least 100 vehicles. Some non-chain of small companies often use low prices to attract people, but often requires miles of greasy, accidentally exceeded and spend double the price.
5, car must be a test drive, and carefully inspect the condition, if the body has no scratches, headlights are complete, locks are normal. And then to open the car door, view the freeze, batteries, oil, brake fluid, engine oil.