A horizontal comparison, more convenient choice car rental travel

With the global automotive market continues to change, China's accelerated urbanization process, development of transportation, rent a car has become a new trend of consumption concept and become increasingly popular. Fierce competition in the industry, survival of the fittest, survival of the fittest rules, these are leasing companies constantly adjust itself, innovation, therefore, increase efficiency and save resources, reduce cost has become the top priority, after all, the price is the most convincing means of competition. I car rental prices, models, service on a horizontal comparison, select travel friends even more convenient.
1, model comparison. Attract users rent one of the highlights is the flexible model selection, you can feel free to experiment with different models every day feel the pleasure of driving new cars and scrap and no need to worry about vehicle maintenance.
2, services ... Convenience is a feature of modern leasing industry, is also to every leasing company purposes.
3, membership. Membership only available to lend, transfer is not allowed. Car car process with ID card, driver's license, credit card and enjoy convenient and international services. On the payment using credit card payment, by bank customer's credit evaluation system to avoid the risk of car rental.
4, price comparison. For most consumers, the price is the biggest problem concerned, so the first thing we did a price comparison.