A lot of people do not know the sunroof of the vehicle use

Sunroof calmness and few people know, because even when a buyer specially after matching is not commonly used, what purpose does a skylight? just like the old House will open a window, skylights are also use a lot of the car.
use: for fresh air
a "window", more natural with a vent, so open, you can increase the speed of air circulation inside the car. Especially in the case of high numbers of cars, skylights in the top of the vent compartment ventilation can be improved.
because the Louvre is to use the principle of negative pressure ventilation, depending on air flow on top of his car moving car fast formation of the negative pressure in the car, dirty air out in the car. Because they are not directly into the wind, instead of foul air, fresh air, way up from the air intake for ventilation, airflow and soft, no wind from blowing directly on the body of the discomfort, there will be no dust involved, and the wind noise is very small. Application
II: Elimination of fog mist
use the skylight is a quick mist method. Especially in the summer and fall seasons, rain and temperature. Drivers all know if driving in the closed side window of the car, it will increase the temperature difference between inside and outside the car, windscreen glass is the fog. While most cars are equipped with anti-fogging device, but the effect is not so obvious. Owners only need to open then the windshield fog can quickly and ensure traffic safety. Application
III: fast cooling
hot summer, the car in the Sun for an hour, in-car temperatures reaching 60 degrees Celsius. Many owners choose to immediately turn on the air conditioning in the car reduce the temperature inside the car. If your car has a sunroof, then just open the sunroof, use vehicle roof during the formation of negative pressure pulled out hot air can cool down. Using this method is 2-3 times faster than using the air conditioner, but also reduces energy consumption.
visible, skylight uses is not only beautiful, practical application remains to be discovered.