Teach you a few peaks can easily get a taxi way

Next, teach you some rush hour or when the weather is extreme, makes it easy to get a taxi, taxi friends often don't miss it.
1: usually when you take a taxi, ask taxi drivers take the phone number if you get to the airport, driver can directly make an appointment by telephone.
2: telephone booking.
3: in the taxi reservation online.
4: travelling with people for a long time, try different locations for a taxi; opportunity much as I did.
5: do not rush hour ride; try staggering the rush.
6: steer clear of tourist focused ride; look at the person next to you is to take a taxi, then certainly little chance you can get a taxi.
7: to catch a taxi across the street; the inverse flow direction.
8: the use of force to subdue competitors first get on.
9: to hotel, hotel taxi pick up/drop-off places. Falling aircraft here.