Car rental regulations: a binding guarantee

The past few years have enhanced safety vehicle-related laws and regulations, for people who drive, this is the kind of restraint is a guarantee. Car hire people, because it is not always driving cars might drive more relaxed, more attentive in car safety. We rent a car provides, as the world's most powerful countries United States make the demands?
in United States car must complete three certificates: driver's license, insurance and car registration form. United States driver's license is easy, some States required driving on, some States are not requested. Go through the written test, and road test to get a driver's license. United States road test with China, China's emphasis on technology (such as libraries), the United States emphasizes etiquette (such as not speeding, stop sign or stop-and-wait), we can see that culture drives more important than technology. China new driver's license since the local notary office notarized in the United States driving without a so-called "international driver's license." But not used indefinitely, many States (such as California) rules, valid for 6 months from the date of entry. United States tours and travel friends, with a Chinese driver's license and public documents will be able to rent a car and drive directly.
United States Central Police Police (patrol system is simulated in Chengdu United States), police spotted the speeding behaviour, a police car, immediately following, and behind the illegal cars sounding sirens and police lights. The vehicle must immediately pull over in a safe state (in English called the pull over). After parking, the police must first licence to view is blocked with the computer in the police car, then get out and check for errant motorists three-card and a ticket, both sides signed the ticket release. After police pull over for speeding, laocheng sat in the car, put his hands on the steering wheel and other police. Don't I get off at the door or Pocket touch, which will make the police mistakenly think that there will be acts of assaulting a police officer and led police to use violence, and fired. Same time, just behind a police car police lights and sirens, docked safely at once, or the police mistakenly assume that fled to inform other police cars stop blocking, will be more than a sin, after police stopped and ticketed, laocheng signatures. Can't get off or fight with the police, or they would be immediately arrested. Tickets there are three disposition methods: 1. the laocheng online or designated Office in accordance with ticket number 2, to specify the traffic court representations, good fit, unfortunately with a judge waiving; 3, money situation, a period of community service from judge decisions (such as in front of the elementary school to help pupils safely across the street).