Some car maintenance to save money tips

In recent years, with rising oil prices, parking fees and other costs of car use increased substantially, car became a heavy burden for many car owners, car maintenance costs during vehicle use is an important expenditure, how can it be greatly reduces vehicle maintenance costs in using, Guizhou Yu Chung vehicle service maintenance company Commissioner briefed us on some car maintenance, money saving tips.
regular maintenance routine maintenance for your car is car maintenance essential link, if not do maintenance to save money, is very easy to cause bruising to the car, spend more money. Car maintenance cycle is refers to car maintenance of interval mileage or time, owners in actual using process in the, should reference car factory recommended of maintenance cycle, on maintenance cycle for appropriate of adjustment, generally new car in good of road conditions Xia using, without too frequently to maintenance, to manufacturers provides of maintenance cycle as ceiling will can, but if using conditions bad is should appropriate shortened maintenance cycle.
the right oil right oil contains two content is proper use of fuel and the proper use of lubricants. Improper fuel use, it is easy to cause fuel filter blockage failure, instability, bad engine idle speed and engine life, will naturally increase in vehicle maintenance and repair costs. Another selection of lubricating oil is also very important, different brands and grades of lubricating oil, the quality varies widely, prices also vary. When choosing a lubricant, to meet vehicle requirements on the line, buy do not buy the expensive ones for most domestic cars, China made grade SJ engine oil is fully able to meet the requirements.
free testing many automotive businesses will conduct free testing activities on a regular basis now, owners can take advantage of these free testing the car for a comprehensive physical examination, finding and troubleshooting potential problems in a timely manner, thereby eliminating the need for high maintenance costs that may arise in the future.

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