Car rental knowledge
We all know the value of the car, and for maintenance of our cars not only to preserve the car, more important is to improve the car's safety performance has a very large effect! such as parked vehicles and storage vehicles, carry out proper maintenance can also delay the decline in automotive technology and performance, and avoid premature scrapping!!
stop: some of the cars and parts, cannot be resolved in a long time, but does not meet the conditions for scrapping cars, transport units can be used for stationary treatment. Sealed car, where technology is in good condition, otherwise take a long time to stop the vehicle, transport unit may be seized.
regardless of the stopped car, still sealed car due to natural erosion by atmospheric effects, such as with the extension of down time, the Assembly and the progressive deterioration of the Agency's technical status, lose their technical performance and status. As a result of the plot covered with dust, and seal oil dry bandage loose metal surface corrosion, damp musty cables, textiles, tire puncture, the battery self discharge, hydraulic brake failure and metamorphic phenomena such as gasoline. To this end, to stop and hold the car carried out maintenance work, can greatly delay the decline in automotive technology and performance, especially for stopping premature scrapping of car maintenance can be avoided, conducive to saving money. To stop motor vehicles and storage maintenance, in accordance with their respective characteristics.
first have a thorough check to stop cars and storage the technical condition of the vehicle, and then determine the maintenance operations, stopping cars and storage, vehicle maintenance operations are: ① to remove dust, ventilation and drying cabin and engine room on a regular basis (the fine ventilation in a timely manner after the rain). Complete cars with canvas cover. ② check gasoline gum content, more than 25 mg/100 mg should replace gasoline. ③ check tire pressure on a regular basis. II from the spark plug hole pumped oil into the cylinder, 50 ml, turn a few laps, and tighten the spark plug. II according to the season, adjust the battery electrolyte specific gravity, and a supplementary charge monthly, 3 months for an exercise cycle charge, subject to conditions, better discharge of battery storage, this method can be saved for a long time, save on maintenance work. ⑥ maintenance performed on a monthly basis. March-June to launch operation or a place for short distance runs, test run once a year, distance shall be not less than 200 km. Test runs should check, observe the Assembly work, identify problems and repair in order to ensure good technical condition of the car.