Car rental knowledge
1. noise factor in testing the driver's vision, it was found that sound more than 107 DB, driver's vision began to decline. The reason, is after the noise on hearing organs, can cause abnormal changes in the vision of the nervous system. Germany traffic safety experts pointed out that excessive sound exciting, distraction, such as auditory fatigue and upset then, affect judgment.
2. smoking: United States survey showed that smokers relative risk of traffic accidents and the proportion of never-smokers was 1*5:1. Studies suggest that smoking can increase the brain, when drivers are more likely to risk driving. Australia found that driver before driving a cigarette, will reduce the observed Visual 20%, 25% thinking reaction speed slow, most notably reducing the damage the driver identify red and green color vision and adaptability to the dark environment.
3.: dark light screen will consume too much vitamin a in the body, watching for hours, serum vitamin a can be reduced by almost half, vision 30%, but also color discrimination. At this point, the long night entertainment, on an empty stomach in the morning drive, long drives in a row, have contributed to the accident risk.
4. psychological factors: driver's feelings and emotions when in distress, worry, anger, excitement, irritable, confused, distracted, slow response and other adverse manifestations. United States scholars have investigated the 392 was a traffic accident driver, 20% is within 6 hours prior to the accident was strongly stimulated.
5. drug: driving more dangerous than drunk driving after taking cold medicine, because most cold medicines containing the hypnotic effect of pharmaceutical ingredients. Scholar survey showed that 11% of the driver's accident and take sedatives, sleeping pills, painkillers and cough medicine-related. These medications can cause drowsiness, inattention, horizons narrow or vague.
6. disease: medical research shows that drivers suffering from diabetes or epilepsy, 30% higher risk of accident than the average driver. This is because people with diabetes hypoglycemia, can cause temporary blinding, and epilepsy is difficult to predict.