Car rental knowledge
Self drive holiday is a very happy thing for most people, of course, happy also need to be safe, then, what we should pay attention to during the self drive holiday? for everyone to talk about self drive break five tips:
1: on the Horn, especially in the mountain or in small towns, warn pedestrians and vehicles. When the speaker is disabled and transformed popular light tips.
rural friends most of the traffic awareness comparative indifference, because fewer cars, crash effect is not very clear for the formation of perceptual acquaintance, so must be diligent, horn as long as benefits, transforms light frequencies should not be frequently, each transformation, expansion of current on the headlight electrical component damage is not small.
2: no goods, taxi, bus, local bus, not with Van, I appreciate the benefits. Comparative Grand
truck body, blindness-line, with the car easily attack risk, in addition there are falling weights, rear Dodge is no inconvenience. Taxi in order to get live, many develop bad driving habits of drivers, such as symptom-free pressing the brake, not turned all of a sudden lane changes, and taxis in not very good condition, brake light, night light does not shine, is a common, easily formed risk. Buses are more scary, because my car not driver, loaded every day, has had enough trouble, obligations, and his wife the morning before doing battle, metamorphosis. A company dealing with the incident, collision death were available. In Changchun, we often said that the taxi is the smaller "rogue", the bus was old "hooligan", or from "rogue" far better. Local individual didn't know the way, hanging behind you when you anxiously, foul, he worried, you can crash, still have to pay for somebody else. Away from it, please. Van is the same bad eye, nodding when, and that individual is the rear drive shaft length, winter does not go on, flick aside, maybe come back to hit me.
3: better at both ends along the roadside, if a three-lane, second driveway which can prevent turn around the bus.
relative is experiencing talk. Especially on the highway, both being hit, affecting traffic. While in case of a flat tire to room for a larger circle.
4: the crease. If it was stuck in traffic in the city and allowing to be more aware, but if there's too many cars, you can be very slow, others will bully you.
This is not to advocate, and doesn't consume much gas said. Actually not much faster. An unwary can be single or double real lines, fine coming right away. Is in compliance with the rules, step by step well. But line of sight must be broad, not near to, before the invention of the traffic jam, listening to the radio in advance of the road conditions information relative to the benefits.
5: stay close to the back of the car. We all know that if more cars once did not stay close to the back of the car, the back of the car will jump and even pedestrians and cyclists will tell you to cut.
don't be too tight. Depends on the speed determined intervals to vehicles. Attention must be focused. If there is forced and line I'll have to make, Kennedy don't drive cars.