Car rental knowledge
, View the smooth oil
before each trip, to see the smooth oil surface height, viewing vehicles in March, the engine should turn off, after a period of time, to smooth the flow of oil back into the oil pan, then. When viewing vehicles parked on the ground, and then taking the dipstick wipe clean with clean
cloth, into pulling the dipstick again from scratch and the liquid between the Max and min. Balance 1.0 degrees minimum and maximum symbol indication, when when the level is below min, should be added lubricants.
Second, view
engine sealing surface and appearance of the engine oil seal is damaged, will form a smooth oil leakage. Smooth oil leakage, external engine can be observed, and, if found, should immediately remove.
view of the three, automobile odor.
for you, if found inside the car stinks, immediate parking should be viewed, if is the price, you should see the engine drive belt and the car's wiring, general condition as can be seen from the outside. If it is the smell of petrol, you should review, fuel tank, fuel line could have
leak, found that immediately after cleaning. If you can't work it out. You can make a rescue call.
four, view the coolant liquid level height.
vehicle in normal use, should view at least once a month the coolant fluid level, if the climate hot, should view frequently, check liquid level should be carried out under the engine in the normal temperature of the task. View without opening the radiator, views
notes swell boxes of high, normal high should be located between the Max and min symbols. When the liquid level is below min, should add coolant in a timely manner.
v, the cover and replace brake fluid.
is located above the front brake master cylinder brake fluid reservoir with brake fluid level on the highest (max) and minimum (min) symbols. If found to have low brake fluid, should even increase.
brake fluid is toxic and corrosive, not with the painter wanted to touch, and it also has strong Hygroscopicity, can absorb moisture from the ambient air will decrease effectiveness of brake fluid. A brake fluid should be replaced every two years.