Car rental knowledge
Preventing car accidents there are many ways, but in the end was to put safety first. Car rental network combines many years of experience, here are a few tips for everyone, more attention, let us not regret for the accident.
1, weddings in the schedule must allow sufficient travel time, avoid the rush, don't let the car speeding by the hurry.
2, wedding car decorations do not over, some cars in front decorated with large flowers, easily affect the driver's line of sight.
3 parade, wedding cars, car speed too fast, especially when the traffic light, the best is the last car can safely. Car, if left behind not speeding to catch up.
4, before and after spacing should not be too close to the car, especially when the speed exceeds 40 km/h, and should remain a safe distance from the car in order to avoid rear-end chain collision. When
5, car choice of routes, must first consider the security factor, try to choose a spacious, good traffic routes.
6, in the formation of the fleet, not one-sided pursuit of ostentation and to form long convoys could not be harmonized, easily lead to accidents.
7, in the team in the process of moving, to strictly observe traffic regulations, not more than, free red light.
8, take photographs or camera, better not open carriage, in case when the brake, operate easily was thrown out, accidents.
9, car drivers have a strong sense of responsibility, if the vehicle or have any questions about the road, be sure to check in advance to know, does not want to face to meet clearance, not to drink at the wedding.