Car rental knowledge
Everything has its own language, humans, animals, cars in our lives is also a reason, for example, vehicle drivers can understand the car's cry for help, that could determine whether the car failed to improve driving safety.
1, testing the ignition timing. Timing belt slip occurred, is there is no spark, engine will not start the root cause of this failure.
2, test the fuel system. Inference can be divided into two parts of the fuel system: inference and fuel supply system fuel injector circuit systems inferred. Fuel supply system can be tested using the measured fuel flow and pressure. The best way to measure fuel flow, is brought in the fuel supply line load testing pipeline.
3, identify the fault reason. Engine fail to start this kind of inference, should first check the battery. Must understand, the engine will not start battery low battery causes.
a auto repair mechanic friend said: "If you can't distinguish the engine fault reason, you do not attempt to open the hood. "This phrase means that quick diagnosis of engine not start fault, is the basis of vehicle maintenance. For your car to have a better "future" friends must play all three methods Oh!