About Us
Haikou, Hainan Airlines and leisure car rental company is the business registration certification of formal legal institutions and traffic management departments, mainly to government agencies, enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises, supermarkets, Chinese and foreign guests, Hong Kong and Macao compatriots for the main service object. Company main provides various type with car of car service, and Haikou HNA car rental, and Haikou car rental, and Haikou car rental, and Haikou car rental company, and Haikou car rental network, and Haikou car rental company, and Haikou since driving car rental, and Haikou car rental since driving, and Haikou car rental price, and Haikou tours and provides foreign tours, and business car rental, and Tourism car rental, and airport shuttle, and long-distance roundtrip, and shuttle rental, and business tourism, and driver rental, and Enterprise car rental, full of service. 0 distance car rental since established yilai, with with to Buick Regal, and Buick land corporate class, and Mei game de Republika Mercedes-Benz Viano (benzviano), and coaster wagon, and Audi A6, and Honda Accord, and mass Passat, and Ford full Shun, and Gold Cup, and Toyota VIP business car, and Government level VIP business car, and Gold Dragon bus, and Yu pass bus, various car rental, and business car rental, and van rental, and bus rental, models and dozens of paragraph car is Haikou car service in the vehicles equipped with most complete, Services the most perfect car service company. For a variety of exhibitions, business, supermarkets, travel agencies, provide first-class cars, first-class service, and according to the need to provide high quality and excellent driving skills: familiar with English and Japanese professional drivers services.